Class 22

Entry Fee: £12

Rule 410. Table A7. Speed 325mpm. Start Height 80cm.
Horses / ponies may only compete in one section.
British Novice: For registered ponies in Grade JD and JC that have not won a total of 150 Points to be ridden by Junior Members, ages as per Rule 77.12/77.13.
Qualifies for: Pony British Novice Championship Second Rounds. Qualifying period 1st May-30th April inclusive. Numbers to qualify: Those ponies that jump a clear round in the first round, followed by a clear round in the jump-off, in at least four Pony British Novice First Round competitions held in the qualifying period will qualify to compete in a Pony British Novice Second Rounds, irrespective of their placings for prize money in those competitions, which will be determined by the normal Table A Rules (Rule 191). Ponies in the class must go in to the jump-off and go clear to gain their double clear round qualification. The winner of a particular Pony British Novice First Round competition will not automatically qualify solely as a result of that competition. 80cm Open: For registered ponies to be ridden by Junior Members.
If combined with an open:
In the event of 15 or more starters this class will be split with two sets of prize money. Ponies may enter one section only.
Sponsors: Ace Communications, Doddington and Witham Oil & Paint Ltd, Lincoln, have kindly sponsored this class
Prizes: 1st: £20.00, 2nd: £18.00, 3rd: £15.00, 4th: £12.00, 5th: £12.00, Total: £77.00.

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