Class 9

Entry Fee: £13

Rule 408. Single Phase. Speed 325mpm. Start Height 90cm.
Horses / ponies may only compete in one section.
Discovery: For registered ponies in Grades JD and JC that have not won a total of 300 Points to be ridden by Junior Members, ages as per Rule 77.12/77.13.
Qualifies for: Pony Discovery Second Round. Qualifying period: 1st May-30th April inclusive.
Numbers to qualify for: Those ponies which jump a clear round in the first round, followed by a clear round in the jump-off in at least four Pony Discovery First Round competitions held in any qualifying period will qualify to compete in a Pony Discovery Second Round, irrespective of their placings for prize money in those competitions, which will be determined by the normal Table A Rules (Rule 191). Ponies in the class must go in to the jump-off and go clear to gain their double clear round qualification. The winner of a particular Pony Discovery First Round competition will not automatically qualify solely as a result of that competition.
90cm Open: For registered ponies, to be ridden by Junior Members.
In the event of 30 or more starters the class will be split with two sets of prize money. Ponies may enter one section only.
Prizes: 1st: £25.00, 2nd: £18.00, 3rd: £15.00, 4th: £13.00, 5th: £13.00, Total: £84.00.

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