The Norfolk County Farm Business Competition brings judges from across the country to judge the commercial operations of entrants of all types and sizes.

The competition recognises outstanding farming practices and places winners in a first-class category against their peers! The competition is open to anyone whose main homestead of 60% of the total farmed land is in the county of Norfolk.

Judges assess the farm’s standards of cropping and livestock husbandry whilst evaluating the farming system used given the resources of the farm such as land type, irrigation and facilities.

Judging took place Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th June 2017.

Aylsham Show Norfolk County Farm Business Competition- 2017

The annual Farm Walk will be held at the Championship winning farm  –  Hirst Farms Ltd (Richard Hirst).

It will be on Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 6pm at Mill Farm, North Road, Ormesby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 3LE

The Farm Walk is open to all Family members.

Please email the numbers attending to:

2017 Farm Competition Winners

The Aylsham Agricultural Show Association is pleased to announce the winners of its annual competition and a full report follows shortly.

Championship:            Winner    –    Hirst Farms Ltd
Reserve   –  Chapman Farms Ltd
Best Livestock  –  Fowell Brothers

Class 1:                     Winner  –    Albanwise Farming Ltd
Reserve  –  Stratton Streles Estates Ltd

Class 2:                     Winner  –    J F Temple & Son Ltd
Reserve & Best Diversification  –   M & J E Attew & Son

You can download the 2017 judging timetable below.

2017 Farm Competition Timetable


2016 Winners


Championship Class:

Champion – Chapman Farms Ltd, Rollesby (James Chapman) and Leonard Papworth Trophy for Best Farm Manager/Foreman

The Farm Walk took place on Wednesday 13th July 2016 at 6.30pm, at Clarkes Farm, Staithe Road, Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 4PT

Reserve Champion – Heygate Farms Swaffham Ltd, Swaffham, (William Gribbon)

Livestock (Jubilee Cup) – South Pickenham Estate Company, South Pickenham (Nick Padwick)

Judges: Jim Cruickshank, Inverurie and Dave Green, Turiff


Class One:

Winner – Morley Farms Ltd, Morley (David Jones)

Runner-up – Keith Farm Partnership, West Barsham (Stuart Laws)

Judges: Mark Wells, Risby and Helen Clarke, Reasby


Class Two:

Winner – Hirst Farms Ltd, Ormesby (Richard Hirst)

Runner-up – Fowell Bros, Itteringham (James Fowell)

Diversification (Stuart Chapman Bowl) – Bayfield Farms Ltd, Bayfield (Roger Combe)

Best Norfolk County Council Farm Cup not awarded for 2016

Judges: Rick Buckle, Hull and Simon Hinchliff, Slade Hooton

Presentations of the top awards.

Champion farm business award was presented to James Chapman, of Chapman Farms, of Hill Farm, Rollesby, by the president, Simon Evans.

Mr Chapman thanked his team, Jim Bailey, John Hudson, and Sam Playford. His wife, Donna, and her sister, Tina, were also thanked as well as other members of the farm’s team. And prompted by Robert Mitchell, chairman of the farm’s competition, Mr Chapman thanked his mother Janet too!

The Leonard Papworth Trophy for the winning farm manager was presented to Jim Bailey, who stressed that it really recognised the team’s effort. “There’s no I in team,” he added.

The reserve supreme championship was presented to William Gribbon, of Heygates Farms, of Snailspit Farm, Swaffham. It prompted Mr Mitchell to comment, to much laughter, that “some really tasty potatoes like Maris Peeer” always go down well at a farm walk.”

Morley Agricultural Foundation’s farm manager, David Jones, was presented with the class one award.

The runner-up in class one was Stuart Laws, of the Keith Farm partnership, of West Barsham, Fakenham.

Richard Hirst, of Hirst Farms, was presented with the class two award. And the runner-up was Fowell Brothers and the president presented the trophy to Jimmy Fowell and his cousin, Robert Fowell and his young son, Bertie.

The awards for best livestock enterprise – to Nigel Padwick, of the South Pickenham estate, Swaffham, and the Stuart Chapman for diversification, won by Robin Combe, of Bayfield Farms, were not formally presented.

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