The Aylsham Agricultural Show Association was founded on 13th December 1951, with the first Show taking place at Aylsham Recreational Ground in 1952.

Normally a new President is elected each year and is a special honour for long serving members of the Council of Volunteers.

Since 1970 the President has only served a one year term, although they serve as Vice President for a year prior to this.
Occasionally a President is selected from outside the organisation for special support given to the Association.

The Presidents’ board is a historic record of all the Presidents since the show began.

Please see list below for our President, Past Presidents and also Life Vice Presidents of the Show.

Click here to see a message from the current Show President.

Current Presidents

2017 President E. John Wootten
2017 Vice President John G. Purling died 28 April 2017

Past Presidents

2016 T. Simon Evans
2015 A. J. W (Tony) Bambridge
2014 Phillida Hurn
2013 H. W. (Bill) van Poortvliet
2012 George J.R. Bell
2011 James R. Fowell
2010 Marian L Williams
2009 Charles W. L. Barratt DL
2008 Terry L. Styles ✢ Deceased
2007 Jonathan M. Deane
2006 Christopher E. Self & Ann Self
2005 G. W. (Billy) Hammond
2004 Ken G. Leggett MBE
2003 Jacinth H. Rogers
2001/2 Joe Parker ✢ Deceased
2000 The Earl of Leicester ✢ Deceased
1999 David M. Manning ✢ Deceased
1998 David Q. Gurney
1997 Ivan J. Daniels ✢ Deceased
1996 Michael D. Bush
1995 Sir John White Bt.
1994 Colin J. Ewing
1993 John G. Gardner
1992 J. Merlin Waterson
1991 Amanda J Postle
1990 R.L.G. (Dick) Williams DL
1989 Michael J. Rogers
1988 M.A.F. Rawlinson
1987 Tom Elwes ✢ Deceased
1986 David A. Hitcham
1985 Robert G.R. Carter DL
1984 Peter J. G. Seaman
1983 Malcolm F. Alexander
1982 John H. Thornton
1981 P. David Papworth
1980 Hubert B. Sands ✢ Deceased
1979 J. C. F. Harrison ✢ Deceased
1978 H.A. (Tony) Duffield ✢ Deceased
1977 Mrs D. Cronne ✢ Deceased
1976 Jim A. Papworth
1975 Gavin Paterson ✢ Deceased
1974 F. G. R. Spurrell ✢ Deceased
1973 B. R. Rust
1972 The Lord Walpole ✢ Deceased
1971 L. E. S. Eales ✢ Deceased
1969/70 L. G. Harrison ✢ Deceased
1967/8 Major Anthony R Gurney ✢ Deceased
1965/6 Hubert W. Sheringham ✢ Deceased
1963/4 L. F. Papworth ✢ Deceased
1962 Major the Hon A. Baillie ✢ Deceased
1961 L. F. Papworth ✢ Deceased
1959/60 R. G. Faircloth ✢ Deceased
1958 Major H. Rodwell ✢ Deceased
1956/7 N. Kittle ✢ Deceased
1954/5 M. Mitchell ✢ Deceased
1952/3 R G Carter ✢ Deceased

Life Vice Presidents

Mr Malcolm Alexander
Mr Charles W L Barratt DL
Mr John Coxford
Mr Ivan Crane ✢ Deceased
Mr Ivan Daniels ✢ Deceased
Mr Jonathan M Deane
Mr H A (Tony) Duffield ✢ Deceased
Mrs Edna Ellis
Mr Mervyn Ellis
Mr Colin J. Ewing
Major Anthony R. Gurney ✢ Deceased
Mr G. W. (Billy) Hammond
Mr E. John Holman ✢ Deceased
Mr Ken G Leggett MBE
Mrs Daphne Mitchell
Mr Jim A. Papworth
Mr P. David Papworth
Mr Joe Parker ✢ Deceased
Mr Michael Pollitt
Miss Amanda J Postle
Mrs Jacinth H Rogers
Mr Michael J Rogers
Mr Alan Sandell ✢ Deceased
Mrs Enid M Sands
Mr Peter Seaman
Mrs Ann Self
Mr Christopher E Self
Mr Hubert W. Sheringham ✢ Deceased
Mrs Jill Sheringham
Mr Terry Styles ✢ Deceased
Sir John White Bt.
Mr R L G (Dick) Williams DL

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