The Food & Farming area is delighted to welcome a new sponsor in grain marketing and storage specialists, FenGrain. Their malting barley expert, Phil Garnham, will be on hand to explain how his job works as well as talking about the range of products and services FenGrain offers to farmers and to the buyers who purchase the cereals and pulses he trades.

All in all Fengrain is the perfect sponsor to be alongside


This is a great Competition which Paul & Ros Corfield got under way last year. The winning beer in 2015, (chosen by you the loyal Aylsham Show visitors) came from the very local Panther Brewery in Reepham with their beautiful golden ale, Honey Panther, described by the brewery as having “a sweet honey and floral aroma delicately balanced with German hops for a refreshing finish”.

That mouth watering description gives you a little insight into the huge variety of taste and flavour achieved by the craft brewers when producing their differing beers.

We discovered last year that people were amazed to find that the taste of beer is dependent on several different factors, namely:

  • The use of different malts derived from differing types of barley (Maris Otter, one of the oldest varieties, is a particular favourite and grows extremely well in Norfolk, especially along the coast)
  • The addition of different hops – from the UK and across Europe
  • The water source – water contains naturally occurring minerals that vary hugely from area to area thereby having a real impact on the flavour of the end product
  • And the type of yeast used – another key component for achieving a particular finish and flavour

Interestingly, last year children and adults alike were amazed by the collection of everyday food items that contain barley or barley malt.

So keep an eye out for the Table of Surprises, hosted by farmer Robin Baines, to see just what else can be produced from good old malting barley!

There will also be lots of interesting information about the malting barley crop: how barley makes its way from the field to the maltings; a display showing the other ingredients necessary for making beer; and an example of beer bubbling away mid-brew!

“We wanted to create a fun competition, but one which also celebrates malting barley – a very important crop to the wider agricultural, brewing and distilling industries, both locally and across the UK,” says organiser Paul Corfield. “And we’re proud to be supported by Crisp Maltings of Great Ryburgh, industry leaders and a company without peer in this area.

“The idea is to show the relationship between a field of barley and the beer you buy in a pub or a shop,” says Paul. “Beyond that we also want to show how different beers, with different flavours, are created.”

The six brewers showcasing the 6 different beers of many colours and flavours are:
Bullards, an historic name in Norwich brewing, has recently been relaunched after a 30-year absence, in a link up with the Redwell Brewery.

– The Norfolk Brewhouse based at a family farm in North Norfolk, use chalk-filtered water from the brewery’s own well to hand craft beers.

Yetmans, run by former restaurateur Peter Yetman in a 200-year-old barn near Holt overlooking barley fields and livestock has beers which have found their way onto the shelves in Waitrose.

Golden Triangle, based in Barford, has been brewing “modern hop forward ales” since 2011 and operates under the banner “Never Knowingly Under-hopped”!

Winter’s, is a micro brewery based on the outskirts of Norwich. The brewery was established in 2001 and has great names for their beer, try Storm Force or Cloudburst (but not on Show Day please!)

Panther, the Reepham brewery, makes use of traditional techniques to brew what they term as “a range of sleek, modern and full flavour real ales”.

So, we must have a new winner for SHOWSTOPPER 2016 and we need your help!

Heed the words of organiser in chief, Paul Corfield:

“A blind tasting like this gives the beer a real test of popularity across a broad cross section of folk – the winning beer has to be a brew that people enjoy drinking day to day,” he explains. “And the winner can add the accolade of Showstopper 2016 to their marketing – what more could you ask for?”


First thing is to get yourself to the Food & Farming area.  Look for the Showstopper sign, and for the princely sum of a bargain £2 you will be able to sample all six beers to make your choice.  Only one of the six will carry off the title of Showstopper 2016. And it’s down to you, our lovely public, to decide!

The £2 fee supplies you with a score card, which comes with the six sample sized beers, each marked only with a number between one and six. You taste them all and then pick your favourite.

The beer with the most votes will be announced as the winner in the Main Ring just before the Grand Parade.

John Wootten President of Aylsham Show 2017

Aylsham Show President I am very pleased and honoured to be President of the Aylsham Show in 2017. We moved to Aylsham in 1978, but as a ship’s captain, my job took me abroad for several years. In 1982 my wife’s uncle, John Thornton, then local director of Barclays Bank was President of the Show and he persuaded me to get involved. When illness forced me to retire from the sea, I became Assistant Showground Director to Tom Elwes for several years until 1992. After some years building up Eastern Events, in 2010 I took over as Show Director from Jamie Jamieson. My grandfather farmed at Horsham St Faith and I like to think that he may have visited the show in its formative years. My wife Charlotte certainly competed at the Show in the 1960’s, majoring on the gymkhana. Up until the end of last year I was a director of Revival Productions who have staged very successful concerts in Blickling Park for the past 5 years. All of us who work for the Show have special moments. As Show Director I was always on site by 5 am – a magical time with the mist rising and everything just stirring. The stockmen are washing down their cattle, and sheep are calling to one another. But soon it is all go and you look at your watch and discover it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon before you know it. One of the things I will really enjoy as President is actually being able to see the Show and to meet and thank all the people who make it such a success. The Show is a fantastic organisation where people give their time and energy to raise money for local charities and I am very proud to be a part of it and to be President in 2017.

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