The Countryside Area is a great opportunity to get up close to some amazing animals, and meet countryside stewards and experts too! The Aylsham Show is delighted to welcome the following groups to the Countryside Areas:

For 2019 we are pleased to welcome back the goats.

In the past two decades, the support from goat keepers has seen this section become increasing popular – and especially to so many spectators.

The introduction of young handlers’ classes – and the sight of so many kids being shown by enthusiastic youngsters – is another enduring feature of the show’s chemistry.

Show organisers have again been willing to introduce new classes – as well as the more traditional categories.

For more information email the steward: goats@theaylshamshow.co.uk

Happisburgh Owl Trust

This incredible organisation looks after some of the most beautiful tame owls you will ever encounter – up close! The Trust does great work educating the public about these wonderful creatures and the conservation issues they face through habitat loss, amongst others.

North Norfolk Harriers

Formed by Lord Suffield in 1871, this pack has been in almost continual operation since then. The group will be on-hand to answer questions and share this history of this historic group.

Wills Gundogs (This is a Main Ring event)

Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing Ltd (Minidonks)

This was set up as a social enterprise (not for profit) in August 2017. We take our miniature donkeys to visit people who need a mood-boosting visit, across Norfolk and Suffolk. In our first year of operation we have achieved some amazing things. We have made over 160 visits to care homes, nursing homes, special schools and hospitals. We bring smiles to the faces of people who haven’t smiled in a while. We take our adorable, friendly miniature donkeys on visits and we take them right into the homes we visit. If a resident is bed-bound, they do not miss out because we take the donkeys into their bedrooms. Feedback from our visits say, ” Residents faces light up with joy…lots of memories recalled…. very calming… residents coming alive just watching the donkeys…..  made our patients’ day being so close to them and able to touch the donkeys….. we were delighted with your visit, all ages and abilities loved the friendly donkeys.” Come and meet two of the Minidonk team at the Aylsham Show.

Live Fly Fishing Demonstrations

Set in the beautiful grounds of Blickling Hall, it is the perfect place to host demonstrations by skilled, local fly fishermen. Get tips and pointers and see how the pros do it!

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