2017 Cheese Competition Results

1 Wensum White, Sam Steggles

2 Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue

3 Sam Steggles, Mardler.


Food and Farming is always a busy and interesting area of the Show. We have competitions, displays, information, cookery demos and lots of lovely, local food and drink! And we have plenty of places to sit down too so relax, stay for a chat, and enjoy your locally bought picnic!

Farming Marquee

This year, the farming Marquee will feature the Dairy Discovery Zone. Lean all about milk and other dairy products with information from local producers.

Dairy Discovery Zone

This year the topic for the Food and Farming area is MILK. How it is produced, starting off with the Cow, and discovering all the different products that can be made from milk.

Come and see:

  • Jelly the Jersey cow – what she eats and just how much she drinks each day to produce her lovely fresh milk
  • We’ve got the latest ‘robotic voluntary milking system’ to show you – this is the technology that allows cows to be milked when they want and not when we say
  • Find out how many types of milk there are; why it is an important part of our diet; and all the different animals which produce milk
  • What is in milk? How are the different components of milk used to make different dairy products?
  • Find out how yogurt and ice cream are made
  • And is butter made from whole milk – or not??
  • How about cheese? Learn how it is made and ask yourself: how come cheese has so many different colours, types, and tastes…?
  • And then you can try a whole range of delicious Norfolk cheeses from different farms and makers – each one has its own own unique character
  • And almost best of all, this is your chance to ask our Aylsham Dairy Heroes anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about dairy farming and dairy produce. The Heroes are all real farmers who look after cows every single day – they’ll be wearing nice bright green t-shirts to make them easy to spot – test their dairying knowledge!

And we’re very proud to have the inaugural Aylsham Show Norfolk Cheese Competition.

Visitors will be able to sample a range of Norfolk’s finest cheeses and then vote for their favourite. The most popular Norfolk cheese will be awarded a special trophy kindly sponsored by the East of England Co-op.

Lots to see, lots to learn, lots of farmers to talk to and lots of lovely products made from milk to buy and to eat – just  be sure not to miss the Dairy Discovery Zone!

Food Hall

The FOOD HALL has its usual range of tempting goodies – every year we welcome a range of high class producers bringing a fantastic range of locally produced food including pork pies, sausages, bacon, charcuterie, cheeses, chutney, preserves, apple juice, wine, cider, beer, oils, dressings & sauces, artisan bread, cakes & biscotti, fudge, brownies and speciality teas. You will not go hungry!

Cookery Theatre

The Cookery Theatre are presenting their usual entertaining menu mix of demonstrations and talks featuring local chefs and producers – be inspired by the people who grow, make and work with all our delicious local foodstuffs.

The Cookery theatre is kindly sponsored by Arnold Keys LLP.

Norfolk Food Hero

The Food Hero area will feature a display of section award winners. We’re proud to showcase the finest food and drink Norfolk has to offer! You can see more about the Food Hero competition and past winners here.

Rural Crafts

And don’t forget alongside us on Food & Farming are the many & varied Rural Craft Exhibitors – demonstrating their skills and selling their wares, definitely something for everyone!

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