If you are a poultry lover, or if during your exploration of the show you are alerted by the clucking, crowing and quacking, then please come and visit us in the poultry marquee.

Our exhibition will present a range of birds including ducks, large fowl and bantams, and possibly some young chicks. We aim to bring familiar traditional breeds, such as Sussex and Rhode Island Red, as well as the more unusual Cornish Game, with perhaps some fluffy breeds such as Silkie and Poland and hopefully some amusing Runner ducks. Many of the birds can be viewed outside their cages, but not handled by visitors unfortunately, due to the current bio-security measures.

Everyone is welcome. If you are a member of Norfolk Poultry Club please introduce yourself, if you want to join the club membership forms will be available. Although we cannot allow dogs into the marquee as the hens could panic, we are happy to mind your dog while you look round.

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