Norfolk Poultry Club was established in 1987 and has just reached its 31st year with some founding members still involved in roles within the club. The clubs main aim is to promote and maintain the many pure breeds of poultry and waterfowl and provide support and advice to all members and the public through a variety of means.

Monthly meetings with varying poultry themed topics are held on the first Monday of each month for members at Scarning Village Hall and we also hold 2 shows a year at Yaxham village hall, open to all. Membership is just £7.50 single or £10 joint/family per year and for this you can attend our meetings, have reduced show entry fees, receive 2 newsletters a year, schedules and a laminated membership card and have access to some of the most renowned enthusiasts, judges and breeders in the UK! We also have a website and a very active Facebook group for the most up to date information and notifications.

Another part of the club is to attend outside events like Aylsham Show and promote not just the club, but poultry keeping in general. We have always enjoyed doing this and love chatting to the public about our hobby and if it encourages more people to give the hobby a go, then it’s great for us all! We have been attending Aylsham Show for many years now and we always appreciate the welcome we receive as it is such a lovely show to be a part of. We hope to continue our display there for many years to come and are always willing to have a chat, give advice or accept memberships so please do call in to our display and say hello!

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