Results 2018:

Judge, Teigh O’Neill.

Metford Rose Bowl for best in show – Anjo Carys, Mrs T & Mr T Fairbairn, of Bures St Mary, Suffolk; reserve, Rands Hingis, Mr and Mrs D Alford, of Briston.

Sinclair Gill Salver for goatling – Rands Hingis, Mr and Mrs D Alford; reserve, Laxfield Forsythia, Mr and Mrs T Francis, of Topcroft, Bungay.

Rosemary Mears Cup for kid – Prastens Cantabile, Mrs SE Wilman, of Foulsham; reserve, Moorend Milly, Mrs Z Mitchell, of Stibbard.

Best milker – Anjo Carys, Mrs T & Mr T Fairbairn; reserve, Binary Alice, Mrs C Pert, of Hevingham.


Kid: 1 Prastens Philanda, Mrs SE Wilman; 2 Binary Iris, Mrs C Pert. Milker: 1 and 2 Binary Alice and Binary Anna, Mrs C Pert. Goatling: 1 and 2 Binary Livia and Binary Lizzie, Mrs C Pert; 3 Prastens Pasithia, Mrs SE Wilman.

British Saanen: 1 and 2 Topgold Gerbera and Topgold Gardenia, Mr T & Mrs H Francis. Toggenburg

Kid: 1 Topgold Geranium, Mr T & Mrs H Francis. Goatling: 1 Topgold Fuscia, Mr and Mrs T Francis.

British Toggenburg

Kid: 1 Moorend Milly, Mrs Z Mitchell; 2 Topgold Galega, Mr T & Mrs H Francis; 3 Fulibroch Juniper, Mrs T & Mr T Fairbairn. Goatling: 1 and 2 Laxfield Forsythia and Laxfield Forgetmenot, Mr and Mrs T Francis.

Milker: 1 and 2 Anjo Carys and Monarch Kolkwitzia, Mrs T & Mr T Fairbairn; 3 Monarch Miscanthus, Mrs Z Mitchell.

Golden Guernsey

Kid: 1 Prastens Pachelbel, Mrs S E Wilman; 2 Topgold Amber, Mr M Fairbairn. Goatling: 1 Crownswood Honeybee, Miss P Bennett.

British Guernsey

Kid: 1 Prastens Cantabile, Mrs SE Wilman. Goatling: 1 and 2, Bure Lily and Bure Poppy, Mrs J Lamb.

British Alpine

Goatling: 1 Rands Hingis, Mr and Mrs D Alford; 2 Rands Evert, Mrs Z Mitchell; 3 Jumay Zagreus, Mr K Parker. Milker: 1 Jumay Sakura, Mr K Parker.

Goatling: 1 Rands Anya, Mr and Mrs D Alford. Any other variety

Goatling: 1 Kaydee Saranya, Mrs D Parker; 2 Jacmar Miranda, Mrs J Cunnington. Milker: 1 Linnavon Calla, Mrs Z Mitchell; 2 Colneborne Tansy, Miss P Bennett; 3 Jacmar Flower, Mrs J Cunnington.

Mother & daughter: 1 Monarch Miscanthus & Moorend MIlly, Mrs Z Mitchell

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