Supreme ridden and in-hand interbreed

Judges, Lee Clarke and Mrs J Stevens.

Supreme – Emro’s Little Doll, Helen Hawes; reserves, Anislee, Arabella Hardy and Beech Mount Emperor, Amber Thorpe.

Supreme inter-breed championship – Emro’s Little Doll, R Hawes; reserve, Orkney Sugar Coated, Mrs Betsy Crawley.

Hunters in hand

Judge, Lee Clarke.

Championship – O-What-a-Pearl, Roger Kemp; reserve, Dominator, F Bailey.

Brood mare: 1 Daisy Does It with foal, Jane Bell.

Hunters: Smoking Love Affair, Jasmine Hunter; 2 Burlingham Scirocco, Ginnie Stephens; 3 Justina, Gillian Key.

Mare or gelding: O-What-a-Pearl, Roger Kemp; 2 Dominator, F Bailey; 3 Big Boy, Ella Barnes.

Hunters – ridden

Championship – Barracode Codebreaker, Sue Vincent; reserve, Craughwell Strawberry Lad, Victoria Oliver

Small horse/ hunter: 1 Craughwell Strawberry Lad, Victoria Oliver; 2 Dandare, Laura Killington.

Working hunters

Judge, Lee Clarke.

Championship – Zero Cavalier, Roy Hart; reserve, Byersgreen Alfie, Mrs J Eldridge.

Under 148cm: 1 Daffy, Daisy Papworth (Camilla Diamond); 2 Byersgreen Alfie, Mrs J Eldridge; 3 Flamborough Tiger’s Eye, Amanda Mitchell (Sinead Woodhouse).

Over 148cm: 1 Castleforbes Victor Clover, Rachel Vine (Lily Vine); 2 Zero Cavalier, Roy Hart; 3 O-What-a-Pearl, Roger Kemp (Becca Batson).


Judge, Mrs S Palmer.

Championship – Longhouse Superstition, Amanda Gaughhran; reserve, Metalwood Mayqueen, M E Carr.

Anglo and part-bred: 1 Longhouse Superstition, Amanda Gaughran; 2 Mettlewood MayQueen, M E Carr; 3 Spellbound Rasheeka, Charlotte Hipperson.


Judge, Mrs J Stevens.

Pure or part-bred, seven years and under: 1 Arabele, Tess Hardy (Arabella Hardy).

Pure or part-bred: 1 Cayak, Mrs J Eldridge; 2 Duesquesa de Almeda, Catherine Mace; 3 Conla Esperanza, Lisa Crossland.

Grand parade: 1 Anabelle, Tess Hardy; 2 Duesquesa Almeda, Catherine Mace; 3 Chestnut, Tess Hardy.

Coloured horses and ponies

Judge, Miss E Meadows.

Championship – Charlie, Paul Kidd; reserve, Barrcode Codebreaker, Sue Vincent.

In-hand: 1 Fullwoods Glamour Girl, Charlotte Cooper; 2 Spellbound Rasheeka, Charlotte Hipperson; 3 Longhouse Superstition, Amanda Gaughran.

Ridden: 1 Charlie Cob, Abigail Hurrell; 2 Barrcode Codebreaker, Sue Vincent; 3 Charlie, Charmaine Kidd.

Riding horse

Judge, Mrs S Palmer.

Large riding horse: 1 Dawn Run, Mary Hardesty; 2 I’ve no Idea, Ali Stern; 3 Jasmine III, Hannah Mayhew.

Ridden cob: 1 Diamaid, Ella Cornell; 2 Bert, Nikki Rix.

Ridden/dressage: 1 Maryfields Animation, Mrs I Budd; 2 Dawn Run, Mary Hardesty; 3 Kingston 9, Becky Rivett.

Unaffiliated, cob: 1 Missy, Maisie Riches; 2 Buzz, Lisa Lambert; 3 Diarmaid, Michael Kibble.

Unaffiliated, ridden hunter: 1 Fullwood Glamour; 2 Twirlywhirvy, Vika McCarrraher; 3 Sweet about Me, Amy Walton.

Tarra ridden: 1 Marvellous Miss, Virginia Fellowes; 2  I’ve no Idea, Alexandra Stearn.

Open ridden: 1 Twirlywhirly, Vika McCarraher; 2 Buzz, Lisa Lambert; 3 Jasmine III, Hannah Mayhew.

Show horses

Private and trade driving

Championship – Winneydense Eclipse; reserve, Guinness & Dublin.

Private turnout – 1 Glanvyrnwy Prince of Wales; 2 Winneydense Eclipse.

Exercise vehicle: 1 Guinness & Dublin; 2 Glanvyrnwy Prince of Wales; 3 Apache.


Judge, Mrs J Patterson.

Championship – Orkney Sugar Coated, Mrs Betsy Crawley; reserve, Holly Dell Marlo, L Cave; reserve mini champion, Ferintosh Peter Pan. Junior championship – Spinneybank Tinkerbell, Mrs Betsy Crawley; Sharptor Belle Vue, Wes Buckley.

Miniature: 1 Fern Tosh (Peter Pan), Lorraine Norris; 2 Showside Dicamile, Lorraine Norris; 3 Sandora Sage, JA Balls.

Standard: 1 Spinneybank Tinkerbell, Betsy Crawley; 2 Sharptor Belle Vue, Wes Buckley; 3 Pyewipe Rembrandt, Philip Brighton.

Novice: 1 Satin, Mr and Mrs J Brigham; 2 Cumlie Caitlin, Ralph Cockburn.

Standard mare: 1 Orkney Sugar Coated, Mrs Betsy Crawley; 2 Dryknowle Vexeena Plum, Julie Land; 3 Kerlash Elisha, Phillip Brighton.

Male or gelding: 1 Bandiston Limerick, Mrs DA Wells.

Standard, male or gelding: 1 Holly Dell Marlo, L Cave; 2 Melliver Magnum, Mrs Betsy Crawley; 3 Pixbrooke Abracadabra, Lorna Kirby.

Mountain & Moorland

Championship – Emro’s Little Doll, R Hawes; reserve, Badley Bridge, AB Fabb.

Small and large breeds: 1 Emro’s Little Doll, R Hawes; 2 Badley Bridge, AB Fabb; 3 Llyndu Priya, Richard Eastwood.

Small breeds: 1 Sharptor Ambition, L Cave; 2 Clanmill Majori, Ashleigh Stratton; 3 Harrowcroft Golden Popsbar, Trudi Seaman.

Large breeds: 1 Rbromalec Raving Riannon, Theresa Herries; 2 Lyncrest Mackenzie; 3 Brynmeillon Lillibet, Jessie Kidman-Wood.

Mountain and moorland ridden

Lead rein: 1 Springwater Music Master, Eloise Marlow; 2 Hollydell Royal Command, Kevin Tye; 3 Colliyers Sweet Dreams, Mrs Sheila Hawes.



Judge, Mrs Sue Palmer, Norfolk

Championship – Sultan, Emily Bambridge; reserve, Scherifersteain Schrana, Amanda Morgan.

Under four years: 1 Scherifersteain Schrana, Amanda Morgan; 2 Hobart Roxanne, Emily Bambridge.

Over four years: 1 Sultan, Emily Bambridge; 2 Oxnead Aria, Alfie Scott; 3 Nobles, Lindsay Walton.

Ridden: 1 Sultan, Emily Bambridge; 2 Oxnead Halo, Samantha Hayes; 3 Nobles, Lindsay Walton.


Family pony, weekend rider: 1 Monty, Ellie Savory.

Family pony, weekend rider: 1 Diarmaid, Michael Kittle (Flo Henry).

Introduction to showing: 1 Caitlin, Kate Monaghan; 2 Duchess, Daisy Leggett; 3 Cosford Fascinator, Claire Knights.

Rescue horse or pony: 1 Eddie, Mrs I Budd.

Open: 1 Corston Mayweather, Cheryl Fox; 2 Hercules, Taylor Blow; 3 Clanmill Majori, Ashleigh Stratton.

Any foreign breed: 1 Cayak, Mrs J Eldridge.

Senior horse and pony

Judge, Lizzy Meadows, Norfolk.

Championship – Herbie, Eleanor Dunn; reserve, Gwynneparc, Ella May Cannell.

Veteran, in hand: 1 Ballykelly, Holly Higgins; 2 Abernon Atomic Kitten, Susan Petchey; 3 Murray, Richard Grimsey.

Pre-senior ridden: 1 Gwynneparc, Ella May Cannell; 2 Rundale Inky, Robert Etheridge; 3 Bureside Monarch, Georgia Pratt.

Senior ridden: 1 Herbie, Ellenor Dun; 2 Oisen, Steph Suskin; 3 Beboy Irish Draught, Ella Barnes.

Fun classes

Best turned out, open: 1 Thistledown Spring Spirit, Amy Metcalfe (Millie Metcalfe); 2 Cosford Fascinator, Claire Knights (Dylan Knights); 3 Pixie, Harriet Perry-Warnes.

Angels on horseback: 1 Caitlin, Kate Monaghan (Hattie Beverley); 2 Belle Shetland, Lucy Youngs (Skye Gowing).

Novice rider: 1 Monty, Ellie Savory (Grace Savory); 2 Eddie, Ella Fitzgerald-Howard; Duchess, Daisy Leggett.

Most suitable for Pony Club: 1 Monty, Ellie Savory (Grace Savory).

My Show Pony: 1 Pixie, Harriet Perry-Warnes; 2 Patch, Tamsin Conyers (Gemma Walker).

My best friend: 1 Shilstone Chinkwell Tor, Karen Forsdyke (Amy Forsdyke).

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