Class 113

Single, pair or tandem any height to be shown in suitable vehicle (excluding show wagons, racing sulkies and pneumatic tyre vehicles). Please provide commentary notes on the day.

This class is a qualifier for the 2018 Osborne Refrigerators BDS National Championships. The highest placed turnout owned and driven by a member of the British Driving Society and eligible for the following Type-Section disregarding those already qualified down to 6th place in the class will qualify for the 2017 Semi Final. The Championship will immediately follow the Semi Final.
Type Section
(e) Country Turnout - single, pair or tandem
(f) Single purebred Registered Welsh Cob Ponies - Section D
(g) Single purebred Registered ponies - Sections A, B or C
(h) Single Registered Mountain & Moorland (excluding purebred Registered Welsh)

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