The 2017 Showstopper Beer Competition Results:

  1. Golden triangle, “City Gold” 35 votes
  2. Panther “American Pale Ale” 25 votes
  3. Bullards “East Coast Pale” 24 votes
  4. Lacons “Encore” 18 votes
  5. Humpty Dumpty ”Little Sharpie”12 votes
  6. Boudicca “Queen of Hops” 12 votes


Following the success of the Beer Competitions of 2015 & 2016 the Inn returns again this year in the Food & Farming Area with another competition but this time organised by Martin James, Brewer of the Panther Beers from Reepham.

Martin’s Beer Honey Panther won our first competition in 2015 and he is adding a new dimension to the event with the help of two ‘Beer Sommeliers’. They will be explaining the different characteristics of beers, the colours, the choice of hops, the yeasts and all the other things which give beers their unique flavours. This will give yet another dimension to the competition of 2017 when further beers will be up to be crowned ‘Showstopper 2017’

Come and see Martin and his Team in the FOOD & FARMING Area.

We are also planning to have our winning beers of 2015, Honey Panther, and 2016, Bullards IPA No4, on sale both in the Members Tent and the Public Bar on the Showground for everyone to enjoy.

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