Judge, Mrs Stella Metford-Sewell

Metford Rose Bowl for best in show – Binary Livia, David Will, Happisburgh; reserve, Monach Miscanthus, Mrs Z Mitchell, Stibbard.

Sinclair Gill Salver for goatling – Topgold Gerbera, Mr and Mrs T Francis, Bungay; reserve, Fuilbroch Juniper, Mr M Fairbairn, Bures St Mary.

Rosemary Mears Cup for kid – Prastens Phrygia, Mrs SE Wilman, of Foulsham; reserve, Prastens Cantare, Mrs S E Wilman.

Best milker – Binary Livia, David Will; reserve, Monach Miscanthus, Mrs Z Mitchell.


Kid: 1 Prastens Phrygia, Mrs Sally Wilman.

Goatling: 1 and 3 Timyon Abie and Whtsend Rana, David Will; 2 Prastens Philanda, Mrs S Wilman.

Milker: 1 and 2 Binary Livia and Timyon Silvanda, D Will.

British Saanen

Goatling: 1 Topgold Gerbera, Mr and Mrs T Francis; 2 Gillfield Nagola, Mrs Z Mitchell.


Kid: 1 Topgold Honesty, Mr T & Mrs H Francis. Goatling: 1 Topgold Geranium, Mr and Mrs T Francis.

British Toggenburg

Goatling: 1 Fuilbroch Juniper, Mr M Fairbairn; 2 Moorend Milly, Mrs Z Mitchell.

Milker: 1 Monarch Miscanthus, Mrs Z Mitchell; 2 Jacmar Thea, Mr T and Mrs H Francis;

Golden Guernsey

Kid: 1, 2 and 3 Hedera Dora, Topgold Honeybells and Hedera Elsie, Mr and Mrs T Francis; 4 Prastens Polka, Mrs S Wilman.

Goatling: 1 Prastens Pachelbel, Mrs SE Wilman; 2 Topgold Amber, Mr M Fairbairn; 3 Kneebrook Daffodil, Mr and Mrs T Francis; 4 Brandylode Hermione, Mr B Candler; 5 Kneebrook Daisy, Mr and Mrs T Francis. Milker: Topgold Euphorbia, Mr and Mrs T Francis.

British Guernsey

Kid: 1 Prastens Cantare, Mrs SE Wilman.

British Alpine

Milker: 1 and 3 Moorend Doris and Rands Evert, Mrs Z Mitchell; 2 Monach Rosemary, M Fairbairn.

Any other variety

Milker: 1 Linnavon Calla, Mrs Z Mitchell.

Mother & daughter: 1 Monach Miscanthus and Moorend Milly, Mrs Z Mitchell; 2 Topgold Euphorbia and Topgold Honeybells; 3 Bardolph Fontanelle and Brandlode Hermione, Mr B Candler.

Veteran, seven years or more: 1 Timyon Jenisatin, Mr D Will.

Young handler: Under 10 years: 1 Maisie Francis-Smith. Over 10 years: 1 Zac Francis-Smith.
















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