Otter spotters will be wise to head for the Countryside Area, where a furry TV star called Rudi looks likely to be the main attraction.

The star of this year’s BBC TV hit The Durrells, Rudi was hand-reared by Daphne Neville and puts on a real show for visitors.

Charlotte Gurney, from the farming and food area team, said she was also looking forward to seeing him.

“This otter is like a pet dachshund!” she said. “He goes round her neck and down her jumper and then he has a swim… he’s lovely.

“You can get up really close and ask questions although I don’t think you can touch him. Daphne knows a lot about otters and will talk all about them so you can learn a lot.”

Charlotte said it was Rudi’s first visit to Norfolk but he was a veteran of shows around the country as well as appearing in two roles in The Durrells and also on BBC TV’s Natural World programme.

“He’s going to be fabulous,” said Charlotte.

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Rudi the otter

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