The Aylsham Show attendance each year is usually between 15/20000 people including children. Whatever your target audience, it is a great place to showcase your business.

The Local Food Hall is where visitors come to see the best food and drink from mainly Norfolk Producers. The County of Norfolk has a fine heritage of producing some of the UK’s best food and drink.

For 2018, the minimum space is a 3 metre frontage and a 3 metre depth, including a 2 metre tressle table, at a cost of £125 with additional space at £30 per metre frontage, and electricity supply at £30.

It is very important that you read the Booking Guidelines Document which can be viewed or downloaded further below, together with the Application Form and Risk Assessment Form.

Apply online here

Any queries, email Charlotte Gurney: foodhall@theaylshamshow.co.uk

Regarding future shows, The Association is examining the following procedures to make sure that they are robust and efficient, and if so, a charge to cover these services may be made from 2019 onwards:

** Provision of electrics in designated areas of the Showground thereby removing the need for most Exhibitors to bring their own generators.

** Provision of WIFI facilities to enable Exhibitors to use Credit Card and Other Facilities.

** The Association (A Member of ASAO) will ensure compliance with the new GDPR Regulations, and further details may be added in due course.


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